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DESCRIPTIONDiscover the magnificent, UNBELIEVABLE things that sunlight was given power to do!   The fascinating stories of history reveal the MANY diseases prevented and reversed when sunlight was used freely, the drugs avoided, the surgeries canceled, the robust health achieved.  God pronounced sunlight “GOOD”, these pioneer practitioners of sunlight therapy PROVED it!  
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DESCRIPTION:  This presentation lays to rest the 8 most cherished myths about sunlight.  The "medical science" targeting sunlight is so basic, so fundamental, so well-established, that it cannot POSSIBLY be questioned - and yet we did anyway - and it changed everything!  And it's not just about exposing the myths, we include the health recovery stories of those who finally discarded the false narratives and got themselves into the light - and it changed their lives.   It's so simple.  You will learn the truth of what's REALLY been happening to us and what to do about it..  Come and see.
DESCRIPTIONHear the remarkable stories of lighting that caused disease, and lighting that reversed or prevented disease, as well as the very common lighting-related habits that disturb our sleep, health, and well-being. 
DESCRIPTION:  Learn from the actual pioneers of light therapy what TRUE Light therapy can really do - And it's AMAZING!  The original light therapy was able to expel impurities, relieve pain, boost the immune system, decongest and activate internal organs, improve circulation, kill pathogens, produce vitamin D, deactivate snake venom, and speed healing, and do many more things NO medicine could possibly do!  In the past 150 years, countless light therapy devices have been invented and marketed as “the latest and greatest”   We’ll help you cut through all that marketing spin using five simple principles from the pioneers of light therapy, so that you can intelligently choose and use light therapy on yourself and those you care for.  We are going to boil it all down to its essence.    Don't waist your money, real light therapy is VERY simple and recommends itself to the intellect.  Light is one of the most healing agents ever gifted to man.    
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DESCRIPTION: The Battle Creek Sanitarium Light Bath is a beautiful and remarkably effective historical healing tool!  A luminous heat sauna. These were “acknowledged as one of the most effective of all known healing agents”.  It has been referred to as the Rolls Royce of saunas”. It becomes an “anchor” therapy in whatever health facility it is installed. It’s a major draw to your facility.  People LOVE this sauna!  It’s literally immersing one’s-self in warm, soothing, healing light. It can do things other saunas cannot.  This presentation tells some of its surprising healing stories, and how other’s have used it and made money with it.  It includes the principles, protocols and practical applications.  While these historic light baths are no longer manufactured.  I offer blueprints to build reproductions of them (for a small donation). I built two. The last section includes other forms of Luminous Heat Light Baths which are on the market.  My Light Therapy-1 presentation shows how I made a very inexpensive horizontal light bath in my closet.   
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DESCRIPTION: This simple, inexpensive procedure is the most powerful, comprehensive man-made light therapy ever invented!  It has saved countless live - both man and animals.  Yet, unlike antibiotics, this UV light therapy supercharged the immune system rather than suppressed it.  It comes with no debilitating side-effects, triggers no antibiotic-resistant superbugs, it enhances the gut micro-biome rather than destroying it, and works with exceedingly  greater skill and speed!  It’s been called “the ultimate antibiotic”.  We had no idea the true healing power of ultraviolet light until we applied it directly to the bloodstream!  Come hear the spectacular recovery stories.  
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DESCRIPTION: This is NOT modern medicines' theories based on fear of sunlight!  The observations, practices, and protocols presented here are from the pioneers of sunlight therapy who knew the healing power of sunlight. They believed God when He pronounced sunlight "GOOD".  Their work was in harmony with God's Natural laws.  This presentation is a practical application of sunlight therapy.
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