One-minute story:  God's Magnificent Outdoor Automatic Healthcare System!  This shows the blood before and after walking on the earth barefooted.  In just 10 minutes the difference is shocking!  Think of the health implications of this!!  This is a marvelous example of
God's Barefoot Eden Health Principle:   There was a VERY good reason why God placed Adam and Eve on the Earth barefooted! And we had no idea!  A Wonderful documentary!  The science and the health recovery stories are phenomenal!  The videographer, however instilled a bit of his own new-age slant on things, but that does not diminish the science of it.  This science goes all the way back to Adam and Even in the garden of Eden.   And it fits perfectly with Eden's magnificent outdoor automatic healthcare system.
THE BOY IN 7 BILLION  (from Children's Health Defense)
This a spectacular example of DECEIVED BY PHARMAKEIA, its barbaric nature, and the global Stockholm Syndrome of compliance.  God has warned us off this enchanted ground of medical sorcery, and He has strewn evidence of its nefarious nature all across our paths.  This is a horrifying story with a wondrous outcome because the mother, at death's door, finally turned away from pharmakeia, and made a deal with God.  Yet, what seemed to be about the same timish, she started giving her son Cannabis.  I'm not here advocating mind-altering substances.  The Mother made the deal with God, yet seemed to assume that it was the cannabis that began to heal her son rather than God answering her prayer.  It sounds like both were on the table at the same time.   One way or the other, this video is worth some heavy conversations!  

"HOSPITAL TRIES TO KILL BEN GORDON" - A 5-minute horror story.   Revelation 18:23 is ignored at our own peril!

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