I list the products below, not as an endorsement, but as a courtesy, to make the search for these sorts of things easier.  The things I listed are all acceptable as far as I have knowledge to judge them. Some are better than others.  The quality and endurance of the items below I describe if I know.  At the time of posting these, these are items I would buy for myself if or when needed.   
Medium Grey Sunglasses
This company charges $15
If you MUST wear sunglasses, use neutral medium gray.  Since I have not yet found UV-Transmitting grey sunglasses, this option at least tones down the intensity of the bright sunlight without messing with the natural order of things by filtering out the colors that make up bright white light.  It just turns down the intensity of sunlight.  Sunglasses ought not to block UV.  They should only turn down the intensity of bright sunlight.  The use of colored glasses and sunglasses has been shown to cause cancer (See my video called "CANCER and God's Healing Sunlight")  https://thesuncure.com/sun-cure-videos
$4 on Ebay (lots of options, just do a search)
I just now bought a pair of these for my use. I hope they work.   Here is what is claimed of them: 

"It is now widely accepted that small hole glasses do improve vision for suffering with refractive error eye disorders, even ophthalmologists use small hole equipment to check eyes for refractive disorder. Frequent substitute of prescription glasses(TV, computer, reading) with small hole glasses will result in improved vision, natural and drug-free.

1.   Experience 10-20% vision improvement in 2-4 weeks.
2.   Wearing for 15 minutes one day will help to improve         
eyesight within weeks
3.   Activates your natural vision ability to see clearly.
4.   Eliminates stress and strain caused by glasses.
5.   Helps you see clearly near and far.
6.   Promotes vision habits.
7.   Small hole Glasses Do Well in The Following Eye  ---   
          - Myopia (short sightedness)
          - Hyperopia (long sightedness)
          - Presbyopia (age-related reduced range of focus)
          - Astigmatism
          - Cataracts
          - Eye strain (from computer screen)"
This is me talking now:  The light that does get through to your eyes is unfiltered, direct sunlight.  I personally very much dislike these "glasses".  It's quite difficult to read or see things out of them.  It does, however, give you the ability to read without actual glasses, but it takes effort - your head must follow the reading material, not just the eyes.  I've not tried it for two weeks, as the sellers apparantly have.  However, I have been hearing healing stories of those who have laid in the sunlight (facing the sun) and had their vision improved.  I have four stories like that. 
UV-Transmitting eyeglasses
Prices vary according to what you order
Click on their long orange button called "Select Lenses and Purchase"  for options.
This company is the only company that I yet know of that offers UV-transmitting glasses. They are in Canada.  I do not endorse the colored lenses options as these mess with the natural order of things. (See "Cancer and God's Healing Sunlight). 

They offer reading glasses and prescription glasses.  Their website is NOT easy to follow.  It is NOT easy to understand that the lenses are sold separately from the frames. But they arrive at your home fully functioning eyeglasses. They are selling a system of clip-on colored lenses, that's one reason why it is so expensive.  So... I contacted them and asked them to clarify and simplify, AND sell them WITHOUT the colored clip-ons:   Here is their response: 
"Thanks so much for reaching out and for your interest in our UV transmitter glasses. We can surely make them, please see below":
Simple clear glass, UV-transmitting reader glasses (reading glasses) with no clip-on colored lenses.
Frame: $129 for the frame called Dusk frame [as pictured here].  Wooden frames available as well
Lenses: $59 (up to +3.00 magnifications/diopters only)
Simple clear glass, UV-transmitting reader glasses (prescription glasses) with no colored lenses. 
Frame: $129 for the frame called Dusk frame [as pictured here].  Wooden frames available as well.
Lenses: The price depends on the type of prescription glasses (assuming you don't have a high prescription) - pricing for prescription lenses shown below:

All-day Readers: $99 USD
Single Vision: $89 USD
Progressives: $159 USD
Bifocal: $99 USD
E.g. Dusk frame $129.00 + $89 single vision
"Kindly note that we don't have high index or thinner lenses for prescription glasses and you can order these here:
https://vivarays.com/collections/uv-transmitter-prescription-lenses/products/dusk-uv-transmitter-lenses   Then please follow the below steps:

1. Select ''Prescription'' under Lens type.
2. Select '' Select Lenses and Purchase''.
3. Choose your prescription type.
4. You can either enter it manually, attach your prescription file or email it later for the prescription glasses then add another one to enter the "diopters" for your reading - these will be 2 different glasses at check out.
It is sold for $7 through the link below
These bulbs are NOT banned - They're exempt "specialty" bulbs
This is ideal for reproduction Sanitarium Light Baths AND evening lighting!  These emit a soothing, soft warm glow.  It's pleasant to look it.  It simulates fire (candles, campfire).  It's the closest thing to the natural order of things.  It will not mess with your biorhythms or keep you awake.  It puts out more heat than light.  Its original source is Antique Light Bulb Company.   These types of bulbs are manufactured by numerous sources, and they can change over time, and each has their own versions.  I do not endorse any particular one because of this.  I recommend clear glass (not amber tinted glass),  the soft round looped filaments, 60 watts, and they must be incandescent - Not LED.  The bulb I'm showing fits all that I have recommended.  I cannot speak to it's quality, reliability, or durability.  That's a matter of research and trial on your part.  But this is the bulb that I would start with.

SUNLAMP BULB:  "MIXJOY 160W Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb Full Spectrum UVA UVB Sun Light for Reptile and Amphibian Use"
They charge $26

Amazon.com (When you are on Amazon, type in the word "mixjoy"

I have neither used these nor experimented with these. But I'm asked about them so, here's what I know:   Sunlamps provide Ultraviolet light, heat, and visible light.  This is a watered-down weakened version of the 1970's 275 watt sunlamp. Government regulations made those go away (they were just too effective to be tolerated!)  So, manufacturers repurposed them as Iguana or reptile lamps. But at the moment of publishing this (12-19-23), 160 watts seems to be the strongest sunlamp available. But things are always changing on the internet.   This bulb provides bright light, heat, and UV - which simulates natural sunlight, which is a very good thing.  Their is a natural alliance between heat, bright light, and UV.  There are other versions and brands of this kind of bulb out there as well.   I highly recommend natural sunlight as long as you can get it.  I personally use a tanning bed for my UV when sunlight is not available. 

If I were to experiment with these, it would be for overhead healthy lighting. I just never had the time to experiment. I have an antique one from the 70's, that looks like it was never used. Just had other priorities.

UVA and UVB:  Sunlight produces about 95% UVA and about 5% UVB.  This one is surprisingly close to that - 97% UVA and 3% UVB - that's good!
The photo above is my own simple version of a horizontal incandescent electric light bath - also known as a "radiant heat bath", or "luminous heat bath", or "infrared sauna", or "near infrared sauna".   I have only ever used heat lamps in here. I have never attempted to use sunlamps.  But I suppose it could be worthy of experimentation if someone wants to try it.  I use a tanning bed for my UV.   The fixtures you see in this image are no longer available.  And they were poor quality, and most of the switches melted.  I had to change the cords and switches.
They charge $2 each  
Heat lamps provide heat and light - no Ultraviolet.  This is a 250 watt clear heat lamp.  I don't recommend the red ones, because all the other healing colors within white light have been stripped away, and only red remains.  Red light is not necessary and has been shown to havoc blood cells with continuous use.  Verified E26 base on bulb.
These are excellent for hanging over a massage bed (5 or 6). It can replace hydrotherapy treatments and it's so much easier - not labor-intensive like hydrotherapy.  the lamps provide the penetrating heat, a cold wet towel provides the cold. 
I use these in the "horizontal light bath" you see in the photo above. These bulbs are light weight, which is what I recommend.
They charge $13
This heat lamp fixture is capable of 250 watts, has an inline switch, a clamp, a hanging hook, and a wire protective cage - all in one lamp. The clamp is awful!!!   Verified E26 socket. five or six of these can by hung from the truss for heat therapy, sweating, boosting the immune system (by elevating the body temperature)  Use clear heat bulbs such as the one below.  There used to be many very good and professional fixtures for heat lamps - not so much anymore.  I have found only two still available - shown below.     The
Arcadia Ceramic Reflector - 8" Graphite by Arcadia.  This is an E26 base, up to 250 watts
They sell this for $38.99
The clamp is exceedingly better and stronger than the clamp on the fixture above. However, It is still not designed to clamp onto a pole. It works OK clamped to a 3/4" board.  The protective screen is not held on firmly.  A heat lamp will fit, as does a sunlamp.  But I have never experimented with using a sunlamp.  I use a tanning bed.

Impact 10" Reflector Floodlight Kit (120 VAC)
They charge $42
This is the fixture I recommend for heat lamps and light baths. This fixture does NOT include the stand, but you can get the package that includes them both.  But, if you are going to use this in a horizontal light bath (pictured above) you won't need a stand.  These can be attached to a closet rod or a truss with the "impact super clamp" below.  OR a set of these may be attached to a couple of boom arms (shown two images below).  This fixture is very high quality.  And it has it's own inline switch.  Very professional
Here is what they say about this fixture:  
"The Impact 10" Reflector Floodlight Kit is a true 500-watt unit with a high heat ceramic socket and all high heat metal that won't melt like units with plastic sockets. The reflector is made of heavy-grade brushed aluminum to maximize the light output. The socket features a wooden control handle that stays cool, and also includes a built-in adjustable umbrella mount. The attached cord comes with an in-line switch, and the adjustable metal mount features a 5/8" receiver for light stands and an 8mm umbrella receptacle."   
This is for heat lamps.  A sunlamp will work in these, but I have never tried it.  It's worthy of experimentation if someone wants to take the time.  I use my consumer tanning bed for UV.​​​​​​​

Impact Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle
They sell this for $20
THIS is the best thing for connecting a heat lamp fixture to a boom tube for horizontal light baths, Unfortunately, The first two fixtures above don't have the ability to connect to this.  However, the third fixture shown does have the ability. I have never had satisfaction with spring clamps.  This Impact Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle I use all the time with complete satisfaction! It is solid!
This is what they say about this clamp:
"The Impact Super Clamp with Ratchet Handle is a versatile grip tool made of lightweight cast alloy. With a load capacity of 33 lb, the clamp can hold a wide variety of items such as cameras, lights, umbrellas, hooks, shelves, plate glass, cross bars, even other Super Clamps.
The Super Clamp can be securely mounted on any tube or pipe from 0.5" to 2.1" and is supplied with a wedge insert for clamping onto flat surfaces. The ratchet handle allows you to disengage it and tighten it down from any angle; a very handy feature when you're using the clamp in tight quarters. A built-in socket holds 5/8" accessories such as the supplied SRP-102 Hex Stud with 1/4"-20 male thread."
Impact Combo Boom Stand (12.95')
They charge $100
This is what I recommend for a horizontal light bath (heat lamps).  Sunlamps can be used, but I have never tried that.
I use two of these, one on each side of my massage bed.  That boom arm can slide straight into the stand, OR  it can pulled out and turned to any angle.  I turned the boom arms horizontal and extended the booms to their full length, and centered that boom arm on the stand.  I then hung six light fixtures on each stand/boom.  It is very well crafted and worked wonderfully for a horizontal light bath, where people can lie down comfortably.  Very therapeutic.  It was just the right size for a massage bed.  This configuration assured that both sides of the patients body are heated rather than just straight down on the center of the body.   I LOVE this boom.  I use one on on each side of the massage table. Only two stands are required instead of four.  I have used this horizontal light bath configuration with much satisfaction.
​​​​​​​This is what they say about this boom stand:
"The Impact Combo Boom Stand is a clever lighting support solution that provides you with a strong 12.95' stand with a 19.8 lb load capacity when used in the traditional way, or a 7' boom that supports 4.4 lb when extended to 60", and 3 lb when fully extended. The legs feature heavy-duty bracing and a wide footprint of 43" for extra stability. The black anodized aluminum Combo Boom Stand ships with a 5/8" reversible spigot and an empty Cordura nylon sandbag counterweight capable of holding 15 lb of ballast."

They charge $190.  Other sizes available.  
Odyssey MTS-8 Compact Lighting Mobile Truss System (Black).  This is eight feet wide, up to 8' 7" high.

This, together with heat lamps and a massage bed will make an effective  therapeutic horizontal light bath.  Works even better if a curtain is placed around it.  But it's only good for ONE line of heat lamps.  Sunlamp can also be used here, but I have never tried that.
Infratech 14-2505 120-Volt Heat Lamp
They charge  
Holds seven 250 watt heat lamps or sunlamps - R40
Theoretically, this may be used as a small room light bath and or sunbath.  I say theoretically because I've not yet tried it.  
They charge $120
Infrared Light Stand, 275W Red Light Near Infrared Heat Lamp with Flexible Arm and Remove Control.  This is verified E26 American sockets for American bulbs.  Works for Canada too. That means it's easy to find replacement bulbs, and that those bulbs will fit. 
Just take out the red heat bulb that comes with this device and replace it with a clear heat bulb like the one above.  This is for treating local areas on the body to bring circulation to one area, to relieve pain, etc.
There are many variations available to this sort of heat lamp stand.
They charge $20 each,  $500 for a case of 25
Philips 209056 - F32T8/TL950 - T8 fluorescent bulb
32 Watt - 5000 Kelvin - 2000 Lumens - 98 CRI - Case of 25

Amazing CRI of 98 makes colors appear more vibrant
Impressive life of 20,000 hours
Alto technology; low-level mercury for safer use
Suitable for high or low ceiling applications
These T8 linear fluorescent tubes from Philips are designed for use with miniature bi-pin sockets and are ideal for commercial or residential applications.
Mercury containing products are not available for sale in the state of WA.
BLACKLIGHT-BLUE (filtered): 
They charge $25 each
This is the traditional "blacklight".  
Hikari brand, Black Light Blue Fluorescent Light Bulb (32080), 32 watt - 48" - T8 - Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base - UV
These are considered low-level UV, and is thus rather ignored by governing bodies. These will provide low-level healthy UV wherever you install them.  No need for protective glasses.  However, the unfiltered bulb below provide more healing wavelengths because they are not filtered.  I only show this black version for reference, but I'm suggesting the unfiltered one below.
They charge $17 each
"Black Light Fluorescent Light Bulb (32085), 32 watt - 48" - T8 - Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base - Industrial - UV" - UNFILTERED!
Unfiltered black lights emit the same amount of UV as filtered black lights, but they do not block out the healthy visible portion of the spectrum like "regular" filtered black lights do above
These will provide low-level healthy UV wherever you install them.  No need for protective glasses.
These can be placed in overhead fluorescent fixtures as well.

They charge $66
Metalux 4 ft. White 4-Light Residential Fluorescent Wraparound Fixture.   These fixtures would be compatible with the two black lights above.  I set up such fixtures at a lifestyle center in Missouri.  I used two unfiltered fluorescent black light bulbs, and two "full-spectrum bright white fluorescent bulbs (because they wanted it for lighting as well.  
They charge $120 for 20'x50'  Other sizes available.
CoolMax 4 Year UV Open & UV Resistant 6 mil Clear Greenhouse Covering:
"This premium CoolMax Greenhouse Film has all of the properties of our IRAC Film (Anti-Condensate, IR Treatment) with the additional benefits of 75% light diffusion and UV Open technology.  CoolMax light diffusion technology allows more light to reach the canopy of your plants and aid in full plant growth. Also aiding in plant growth is UV Open technology. UV Open technology allows the greenhouse film to transmit UV light to plants that need it for color, flavenoids, roses and more.  CoolMax Greenhouse Film is a multilayer 6 mil plastic so you will always have a tough and durable product. Clear films work well for germinating seeds or for the start of the plant growth as they allow for the maximum light and heat transmission."

"UV-TRANSMITTING" PLASTIC (for window "glass")
This is what's used for tanning beds and skylights for zoo animals.  Solacryl was especially named as being used for animal habitats in zoos.   It's expensive and not the simplest to obtain.  Three different sources for UV-Transmitting plastic for home windows.

"The penetration of sunlight into a greenhouse is a key criterion for successful plant growth. Healthy plant growth is encouraged by both visible light and also, in particular, by UV radiation. The UV-permeable glass GEWE®-safe flora allows the UV rays which are so important for plants to permeate glazing. Radiation permeation can be measured using transmission values."
This is hard to find stuff.  This company I believe is in Germany.
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