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DESCRIPTION:  When God placed Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden, He showcased for us all, the ideal lifestyle for health and healing. It was the greatest healthcare system the world has ever known.  It both prevents and reverses disease.  This presentation is filled with stories and evidence of the magnificent power of this outdoor healthcare system which is still available to us all.
Part-1  The Healing Soil
1.  Eden's health principles
2.  Working with the earth
3.  The living soil
4.  Eden’s Barefoot principle
PART-2  Amazing Health Recovery Stories through Outdoor Living

DESCRIPTION:  God has embedded our healthcare into nature.
When we separate ourselves from nature, we separate ourselves from our healthcare.  Which means we leave ourselves wide-open to the weapons formed against us in these evil times.  We dare not remain without that protection in such a time as this!  Living, working, and sleeping in nature was to be our natural estate.  The historical stories that follow show how others have lived outdoors and dramatically improved their health - even in the winter, and in some cases, especially in the winter.  Consider this presentation a practical introduction to acclimating to outdoor living.
PowerPoint presentation is available for live Zooming by the author (me).   Filming it will come later.

:  This is not a medical presentation.  It’s a collection of successful cancer recovery stories using different natural methods, told from a Biblical perspective. It’s about God’s Natural Law healthcare system and what He has been trying to tell us for generations - that His Eden healthcare system is simple and harmless, easy, outdoors and automatic.  Therefore, we can expect that the most successful treatments of cancer will also include some level of the Eden experience. 

PART-3A  Treating Cancer Eden's Way
1.  The Tree Cure
2.  Doing what's right in His sight
3.  Comparing natural regimes for treating cancer
PowerPoint presentation is available for live Zooming by the author (me).   Filming it will come later.

DESCRIPTION:  Since we are fearfully and wonderfully made, God gave us a healthcare system that is equally fearfully and wonderfully made.  There can be no better remedy for any disease, than that which God himself has provided. No man-made theories required. 

PART-3B  Treating Cancer Eden's Way
1.  God has an arrangement with us
2.  Juicing and supplements
3.  God’s specified hierarchy of healing agencies
God's 4 specified causes of cancer
4.  Removing cancer-causing mercury.
DESCRIPTION: Part-1. John EverBlest tells the story of the global health reform movement God raised up in preparation to counteract the counterfeit healthcare system of pharmakeia, and prepare the world for the end-time health wars and the return of Christ.  God armed this movement with advanced health principles that both prevented and reversed all manor of disease (using no drugs).  It proved to be the greatest healthcare system the world has ever known; and the world came to this temple of health like the Queen of Sheba came to Solomon!  Diseases are now coming with such power and intensity that they will strike down everyone who has not yielded to God.  God's health principles will be the only thing keeping us alive and safe from the ongoing genocidal war on our health.  
DESCRIPTION:  Part-2.  This starts with a side-by-side historical comparison of the effectiveness of God's healthcare system vs. the counterfeit healthcare system of pharmakeia. The results are astonishing! Even more astonishing is the story of how pharmakeia snared the institutions of that Great Adventist Health Reform Movement and bound them permanently to pharmakeia. We must learn from the mistakes of our past if we are to avoid repeating them. And in these last hours of our probation, we dare not repeat our past mistakes. 
DESCRIPTIONPart-3 addresses the prophetic end-time health war currently waged against all nations in the name and guise of benevolent medical science.  To prevail in this war, we must understand the weapons that were used against us in the pandemic AND the true spiritual nature and agenda of this escalating war.  Those weapons will be aimed at us again. As Man’s health laws conflict with God’s health laws; health and forced drugging have become the most agitated topics on planet earth making God’s Health Laws PRESENT TRUTH! and a TESTING TRUTH for us in these last hours of our probation.  The events of 2020-2022 were just the opening acts; prophecy tells of MUCH worse to come!  I believe God intended that those events be a wakeup call for what’s coming next. He has specified what we are to do, and how we are to do it. He is calling us back to active duty for such a time as this! 
ROMANIAN SUBTITLES provided by Daniela Mateiu.  

 ROMANIAN SUBTITLES provided by Daniela Mateiu.  
ROMANIAN SUBTITLES provided by Daniela Mateiu.  
DESCRIPTION:  It's time to put the rumor to rest that Ellen White endorsed vaccines.  The explanation is simple and convicting - so simple, it only took 12 slides to thoroughly debunk it - about 9 minutes.
DESCRIPTION:  This is the story of how I extricated myself from a year and a half of debilitating fear, anxiety and panic attacks and the MANY symptoms it manifested!  The principles used are practical and in harmony with The Word of God.  No drugs required.  And it was sooo simple.  We all need to know this if we expect to stand in these escalating end-time crises.  The habit of indulging in fear MUST be overcome - our lives and eternal destinies are at stake!
DESCRIPTION:  The 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic (H1N1 Swine flu) has been described as "the greatest medical holocaust in history”.  It had 4 waves, lasted 15 months, killed an estimated 17-100 million worldwide(4)  with a  global mortality rate estimated at 10-20% of those infected.(1)   Yet there were some medical institutions that had far fewer deaths than others, some approaching nearly a 100% recovery rate, like The Battle Creek Sanitarium.(2)(3)   The institutions with the greatest success in treating infectious diseases were those that used God’s simple hygienic methods for both prevention and treatment. Their protocols are laid out here. God has made provisions for the terrible emergencies, and these provisions are available to us all. Our latest pandemic was the warning shot across the bow to awaken us into preparing for what's really coming for us.

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