All of what I'm about to describe would likely have GLAMPING-LIKE beginnings, such as the photos below.

It's an OUTDOOR HEALING MODULE that demonstrates God's magnificent outdoor automatic healthcare system.
The Battle Creek Sanitarium gave this open-air option to all of their patients.  But it was a requirement for infectious patients. 

The dream is now to take the content of my presentations and turn it all into practical, end-time application - action!  We are wanting to demonstrate God’s magnificent outdoor automatic healthcare system.   A place to model off-grid, close-to-the-earth, open-air, health, healing, and living.  This module could be a stand-alone facility and/or a module to add onto existing natural health facilities.  It would be a place where nature does most of the work of healing - a close-to-the-earth experience, that I believe would be a significant attraction and draw.  It's how we can, once again, show men the better way.  But this time we include what God has been trying to tell us for generations - that He has imbedded our healthcare into Nature.  No need of tall buildings, pharmaceuticals, or man's medical theories and traditions. We simply demonstrate what God has already specified for optimal health and healing. 

The most amazing recovery stories come from the open-air healing facilities of history and the therapies which are in harmony with Natural Law healthcare and Eden principles.  Just think of the healing stories that would come out of such an end-time health recovery program.  
One way or the other, it's become clear that soon, God's outdoor healthcare will be the only healthcare available to us anyway.  This is the preparation. That's why it would be ideal for this outdoor module to be off grid - we learn the farm physics of the pioneers.
It could start as a simple glamping option, food forests may be involved, we move onto a glamping health vacation, It becomes a tourist attraction, from there to an open-air treatment encampment, then to an open-air sanitarium, then to an end-time outpost with an outdoor industry, and finally a refuge for the persecuted.  Maybe even a portable traveling version can be created to go along with evangelistic and health campaigns. And there are numerous options that haven't even yet mentioned. 

The photos below are our inspiration as we consider what such a back-to-nature program would look like.
Our dream will likely start with glamping-like beginnings.  Which might also provide the income to grow it into a natural health recovery encampment.  This image is a quaint example of community dining area in a tent.  We don't need tall buildings, or expense medical equipment, just a close relationship with nature and the God of Nature. 
These tent colonies were used around the world during the war on TB.   Patients who were housed in outdoor open-air tents fared FAR better than those treated indoors in hospitals!  Only half the deaths as those treated indoors.  Sunshine, fresh air, the healing fragrances of the evergreens.
This can be an important open-air healing module to go along with a regular lifestyle ctr.  It may be used in numerous ways.  They may be used as a glamorous camping experience (Glamping), they can morph to an open-air health vacation, which can morph to a tent colony to treat those with infectious diseases, to an open-air sanitarium, to housing for the persecuted and those that are fleeing the cities. These could easily be self-supporting.   Very inexpensive, no building codes required (tents are temporary, and mobile, and thus mostly under the radar)  Eventually, perhaps, an off the grid venture.  Perhaps even a model for others of how such a thing is done, without being connected to the grid.    The layout and design here shown is uninspiring at best.  We can do better.
A fascinating 6 minute video of a family that built their home out of a compound of tents. Cheap, fast, healthy open-air living, no building codes.  Tents are considered temporary and mobile.  Far more dwellings can be made with far less money, and much better health. We are not required to construct costly edifices to carry on the medical missionary work.
Dr. Rollier ran these clinics in the mountains of Leysin, Switzerland during the war on TB.  The clinics produced astonishing recoveries from end-stage TB.    The before and after images and stories were amazing.   They used no drugs, no surgery, just sunlight, fresh air, useful labor, rest, the social cure, a vegetarian diet, and the trees and beauty of nature.   See Dr. Rollier's Sun Cure Clinic Images on this website.

Dr. Kellogg created these for the patients.  It was a practical application of our health message - It enabled them to obtain as much sunlight and fresh air as possible. They considered sunlight to be one their most effective therapies.  The Sanitarium had two open-air gymnasiums - one for women, one for men.  TALL privacy fences encompassing a large area that included a pool, exercise equipment areas, play areas, relaxing areas, cots, wood chopping, trees, etc.  We could create these with large gardens to tend, industry to do while in the sun that can help users offset expenses, or support the effort, etc.  They also offered individual private sunbathing booths as needed.  
See my presentation called "The Sun Cure"
This was an industry that kept these boys and men healthy.  The boys at The School of The Sun would oftentimes join the men at the agriculture colonies for their therapeutic exercise in the sunlight and fresh air.  It hardened them against TB and other infectious diseases.  Many were far more robust and healthy after this cure than before they even got sick!
To prevent the spread of TB, many children were taken to preventoriums to boost their immune systems by fresh air, sunshine, rest, exercise, and healthy food.  And it worked.
THE SCHOOL IN THE SUN - Cergnat, Switzerland:  
This was a type of "Preventorium" but in the form of an open-air school.  These open-air schools were found all over the world.
Dr. Rollier: “The air and sun bath is the most powerful of all tonics and health restorers; it rebuilds the organism, and increases its vitality. Children, strengthened during the summer months by air and sun baths are hardier, and can much better withstand all the illnesses that may affect them during the winter. The same applies to adults.”   
In fact, the general health of Dr. Rollier’s patients proved quite remarkable.  “Visitors often commented on the lack of coughs and colds among children who were so exposed.”   The Sun Cure, 1927

This was created by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg on his own property for the health of the neighborhood children.  Staff from The Battle Creek Sanitarium would monitor their health.  It was a preventorium in the form of a playground.  They had time just for boys, and time just for girls.   They wore very little clothing in order to boost their immune systems in the sunlight.
EGW:  "I shall have more to say about these matters later, but I wish now to say that all patients should keep out of doors as much as possible, and many will be benefited by sleeping in the open air. My lady workers have slept out on the veranda all winter and have been free from coughs and colds.
21LtMs, Lt 204, 1906, par. 9
There are SOOO many historical images and stories available about this unexpected aspect of nature!
FRESH AIR SLEEPING ARRANGEMENTS at The Battle Creek Sanitarium:  

Dr. Rollier did this in several ways at his Sun Cure Clinics in Leysin Switzerland during the war on TB.  The "Clinique  Manufacture",  The "Farm Colony", The "Work Colony",  "The School In the Sun", and even the bed-ridden patients had different work to do.   This was all done to enable patients to receive sunlight therapy while simultaneously performing useful meaningful labor such as gardening, manufacturing, school, and all manor of industry - even while confined to bed.  And, this enabled patients to contribute to their healthcare expenses, and their mental state. See my presentation called "The Sun Cure" which includes details and historical photos and before and after images.  It's a VERY efficient way to work and heal.  See also the Leysin Sun Cure Images on this website:  
MARY JANE'S FARM - Moscow, Idaho
This is an example of an indoor industry and glamping.   As would organic gardening, medicinal herb industry, tent-making, etc. 
This converted barn was on Dr. Kellogg's home property and was connected to his Sunshine Playground.  It was used to teach practical health skills to the neighborhood children and their parents. It was also kind of like a social club for the community and mothers.  It built relationships with the community.  
A robust selection of light therapy devices when sunlight was not available.

Every Sunday a friend of ours offered a Detox Sunday at her home.  She had a number of interesting options, one of them was a Light Bath - everybody wanted that option.   She made good money doing this just once a week.  The light bath in the photo is mine.  It's an original from The Battle Creek Sanitarium.  I teach both light therapy  and heliotherapy (sunlight therapy)
This is the sort of thing we are hoping to create (if God opens the way) for an indoor "sunlight" experience during the winter.  Very bright and warm white light, with very low-dose UV (black light).
This is a room-size "light bath" with bright visible light, infrared, and low-dose UV.  This would be a place where people would want to be!  An amazing social, and health-building option that could also be a source of income.  We intend to offer this in conjunction with our other light therapy treatments/options.  It would also work very well in conjunction with our "Detox Sunday" events.
When God placed Adam and Eve in The Garden of Eden, they were surrounded by nature, ALL of which was designed to keep them healthy - automatically, without them even trying.  And different parts of nature had  different jobs in keeping Adam and Eve healthy - far more than just sunlight.  Eden showcased for us all, the ideal lifestyle for health and healing.  Working and living outdoors IS our healthcare.  Nothing of man can come close to its healing power.  Treating the sick is so much simpler, easier, and vastly cheaper when we do things God's way rather than our way.  
And we are going to need to be ready when the next waves of man-made plagues hit mankind.  We will need every agency of nature to combat what's already coming for us. God has made provisions for the terrible emergencies of this age.

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