This book is about sunlight - one of the most powerful healing agencies ever gifted to man!  It tells the healing stories of history.  And, who better to instruct us on using light as medicine than those pioneer men of science - the physicians who wielded it daily in the successful global treatment of countless patients during the war on tuberculosis and infectious diseases?  Their medical expertise in light therapeutics are unequalled in this generation.  Their knowledge represents lifetimes of practical, hands-on, in-the-trenches, life and death, battle-scarred, experience
Their stories are amazing! They discovered the magnificent, unbelievable things that sunlight can do! God pronounced sunlight “GOOD”, these men proved it! 

This book will be a must-have for Natural Law healthcare providers.
Current events have thoroughly warned us that soon the only healthcare available to us will be God’s healing agencies of nature -  which is the only healthcare that we can truly trust anyway.  And, we must learn to wield those agencies while we still can. ​​​​​​​

The image is NOT of my expo.  It's just an example of the type of pop-up displays that I will be creating.  I'll offer portable health expos with different modules emphasizing different health topics - starting with The Sun Cure.  
These will be unique expos.  They will include before-and-after historical images.  An historical showcase proving that God's Natural Law Healthcare is indeed "The Better Way!"   We will use these in our ministry and offer them to sell to other ministries as well. 
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