I list the products below, not as an endorsement, but as a courtesy, to make the search for such health products easy for the viewer.  And it was NOT easy finding just exactly what I was looking for, and what I know is needed.
It is sold for $7 through the link below
This is ideal for reproduction Light Baths AND evening lighting!  It is a soft warm dim light.  It's soothing and pleasant to look it.  It simulates fire (candles, campfire).  It's the closest thing to the natural order of things.  It will not mess with your biorhythms or keep you awake.  It puts out more heat than light.  Its original source is Antique Light Bulb Company.   These types of bulbs are manufactured by numerous sources, and they can change over time, and each has their own versions.  I do not endorse any particular one because of this.  I recommend clear glass (not amber tinted glass),  the soft round looped filaments, 60 watts, and they must be incandescent!!!  The bulb I'm showing fits all that I have recommended.  I cannot speak to it's quality, reliability, or durability.  That's a matter of research and trial on your part.  

They charge $2 each  
Heat lamps provide heat and light - no Ultraviolet.  This is a 250 watt clear heat lamp.  I don't recommend the red ones, because all the other healing colors within white light has been stripped away, and only red remains.  Red light is not necessary and has been shown to havoc blood cells with continuous use.  Verified E26 base on bulb.
They charge $28


Sunlamps provide Ultraviolet light, heat, and visible light.  This is a watered-down weakened version of the 1970's sunlamp. Government regulations made those go away (they were just too effective to be tolerated for human use).  So, manufacturers repurposed them as Iguana or reptile lamps.  They provide bright light, heat, and UV - which simulates natural sunlight, which is a very good thing.  Their is a natural alliance between heat, bright light, and UV.  These are therapeutic, but government has decreed that we cannot speak that truth and make profit at the same time.  There are other versions/brands of this kind of bulb out there as well, but not many.  Manufactures are beginning to make UV "lamps" and tanning beds with LED's now.  I do NOT recommend them because they have removed any significant heat from them, which messes with God's natural order of things - the natural alliance between heat and light.  There are about 1,500 different wavelengths that make up natural sunlight, and they are all there for a reason.  I highly recommend natural sunlight as long as you can get it. 
They charge $13
This heat lamp fixture is capable of 250 watts, has an inline switch, a clamp, a hanging hook, and a wire protective cage - all in one lamp.  Verified E26 socket. five or six of these can by hung from the truss for heat therapy, sweating, boosting the immune system (by elevating the body temperature)  Use clear heat bulbs such as the one below.  
They charge $190.  Other sizes available.  
Odyssey MTS-8 Compact Lighting Mobile Truss System (Black)

This, together with heat lamps and a massage bed will make an effective  therapeutic horizontal light bath.  Works even better if a curtain is placed around it.
They charge $120
Infrared Light Stand, 275W Red Light Near Infrared Heat Lamp with Flexible Arm and Remove Control.  This is verified E26 American sockets for American bulbs.  Works for Canada too. That means it's easy to find replacement bulbs, and that those bulbs will fit. 
Just take out the red heat bulb that comes with this device and replace it with a clear heat bulb like the one above.  This is for treating local areas on the body to bring circulation to one area, to relieve pain, etc.
BLACKLIGHT-BLUE (filtered): 
They charge $25 each
This is the traditional "blacklight".  
Hikari brand, Black Light Blue Fluorescent Light Bulb (32080), 32 watt - 48" - T8 - Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base - UV
These are considered low-level UV, and is thus rather ignored by governing bodies. These will provide low-level healthy UV wherever you install them.  No need for protective glasses.  However, the unfiltered bulb below give more healing wavelengths because they are not filtered.  I only show this black version for reference, but I'm suggesting the unfiltered one below.
They charge $17 each
"Black Light Fluorescent Light Bulb (32085), 32 watt - 48" - T8 - Medium Bi-Pin (G13) Base - Industrial - UV"
Unfiltered black lights emit the same amount of UV as filtered black lights, but they do not block out the healthy visible portion of the spectrum like "regular" filtered black lights do.  
These will provide low-level healthy UV wherever you install them.  No need for protective glasses.
These can be placed in overhead fluorescent fixtures as well.

They charge $66
Metalux 4 ft. White 4-Light Residential Fluorescent Wraparound Fixture.   These fixtures would be compatible with the two black lights above.  I set up such fixtures at a lifestyle center in Missouri.  I used two unfiltered fluorescent black light bulbs, and two "full-spectrum bright white fluorescent bulbs (because they wanted it for lighting as well.  
They charge $120 for 20'x50'  Other sizes available.
CoolMax 4 Year UV Open & UV Resistant 6 mil Clear Greenhouse Covering:
"This premium CoolMax Greenhouse Film has all of the properties of our IRAC Film (Anti-Condensate, IR Treatment) with the additional benefits of 75% light diffusion and UV Open technology.  CoolMax light diffusion technology allows more light to reach the canopy of your plants and aid in full plant growth. Also aiding in plant growth is UV Open technology. UV Open technology allows the greenhouse film to transmit UV light to plants that need it for color, flavenoids, roses and more.  CoolMax Greenhouse Film is a multilayer 6 mil plastic so you will always have a tough and durable product. Clear films work well for germinating seeds or for the start of the plant growth as they allow for the maximum light and heat transmission."

"UV-TRANSMITTING" PLASTIC (for window "glass")
This is what's used for tanning beds and skylights for zoo animals.  Solacryl was especially named as being used for animal habitats in zoos.   It's expensive and not the simplest to obtain.

"The penetration of sunlight into a greenhouse is a key criterion for successful plant growth. Healthy plant growth is encouraged by both visible light and also, in particular, by UV radiation. The UV-permeable glass GEWE®-safe flora allows the UV rays which are so important for plants to permeate glazing. Radiation permeation can be measured using transmission values."
This is hard to find stuff.  This company I believe is in Germany.
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